The first green industrial zone in Croatia

Industrial Zone Nemetin is the first green industrial zone in the Republic of Croatia.

Renewable energy sources

City of Osijek lies on fertile land of the Pannonian plain, surrounded by two large rivers – Drava and Danube. Rich forests and water resources of the region, together with cattle breeding and crop farming (which comprise a major share in the total economy) provide an excellent foundation and exceptional potential for use of renewable energy sources with minimal environmental impact.

For this reason, in cooperation with Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek and other Hungarian partners in the project called “Croatian-Hungarian Renewable Energy Network Project (CHREN)”, financed through EU IPA IIIC component – Cross-border Co-operation Programme Croatia - Hungary, the City of Osijek established the company “Obnovljivi izvori energije Osijek d.o.o.” (Renewable Energy Sources Osijek, Ltd.) as a project-oriented company involved in applied research aimed at promoting knowledge about renewable energy sources at national level. The company’s most important and biggest project (in the long run) is a biogas power plant with 2x320 kWh cogeneration units, which will be situated in the Industrial Zone Nemetin (on plots 18 and 19). The implementation of this project, through the use of alternative energy sources, will enable not only the production of electricity but also the production of thermal energy, which will be distributed free of charge to Zone users for heating or cooling of their industrial plants.

Ranking of Industrial Zone Nemetin

According to a market research conducted by the Croatian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion, Industrial Zone Nemetin ranks second among national and international industrial business zones in the Republic of Croatia.

Green zone Nemetin


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