Industrial Zone Nemetin is the first green industrial zone in the Republic of Croatia. Through the use of alternative energy sources, will enable not only the production of electricity but also the production of thermal energy, which will be distributed free of charge to Zone users for heating or cooling of their industrial plants.

Green zone Nemetin

Industrial Zone Nemetin is the first green industrial zone in the Republic of Croatia. According to a market research conducted by the Croatian Agency for Export and Investment Promotion, Industrial Zone Nemetin ranks second among national and international industrial business zones in the Republic...

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Business zones

Development of entrepreneurship represents a key element of the economic policy of the City of Osijek, and construction of business and industrial zones represents an essential instrument for achievement of such development. The City of Osijek provides the following benefits for investors in...

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Incentives for investing in the rebulic of Croatia

The Act on Investment Promotion and Development of Investment Climate (Official Gazette No. 111/12) regulates incentive measures for investments in economic activities in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. These measures pertain to investment projects and strengthening of competitive...

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Key advantages:

  • 1. Total area of 101 ha
  • 2. The first green industrial zone in Croatia
  • 3. Great traffic connections
  • 4. Immediate proximity of the city of Osijek
  • 5. Cross-border area toward Hungary and Serbia
  • 6. Area of Special State Concern
  • 7. Additional benefits for investors
  • 8. Plots of 2,500 to 50,000 m2
  • 9. Scientific centre for renewable energy sources situated in the Zone
  • 10. Biogas power plant that generates electricity and thermal energy
  • Area for production purposes

  • Area for business purposes

  • Infrastructural systems

  • Total area