The Eco-Industrial Zone Nemetin with an area of over 100 ha belongs to the category of large industrial zones.

The zone is equipped with full infrastructure: roads, stormwater and sanitary water drainage, public lighting, water supply, gas supply, electricity, telephone services, heating (the planned biogas plant to be built within the zone will supply the zone with thermal energy under extremely favorable conditions)

Conditions for arranging building plots (in accordance with the Spatial and General Urban Plan of the City of Osijek)

The maximum number of above-ground floors for economic facilities is as follows:

  • 6 for business buildings, and catering and tourist buildings
  • 4 for production buildings
  • 1 for agricultural buildings and outhouses

The building lot coverage coefficient (CC) for production buildings, business buildings, and catering and tourist buildings is a maximum of 0.6, while the CC for agricultural buildings is 0.8.

The building plot exploitation coefficient (EC) is as follows:

  • For production buildings EC = 2.0
  • For business buildings, and catering and tourist buildings EC = 3.0
  • For agricultural buildings EC = 0.8

Total area of the zone: 1,010,000 m2 / Area of available land: 509,629 m2 / Area of available phase I land: 261,182 m2 (currently the subject of a public tender for the establishment of building rights on real estate in the Eco-Industrial Zone Nemetin)