Additional benefits for investors

Renewable energy sources

Entrepreneurs whose activities in the Industrial Zone Nemetin will involve renewable energy sources can expect additional benefits.

Area of special state concern

Industrial Zone Nemetin is situated in an Area of Special State Concern. Investors who decide to start their business in this zone can expect numerous special benefits and incentives designated specifically for Areas of Special State Concern, which will be granted through special application procedures.

Special utility contribution

Additional incentive to investors is introduction of a fourth zone of collection of utility contribution, which shall apply only to the area of Industrial Zone Nemetin. The amount of contribution shall be HRK 15.00 /m3.which will be granted through special application procedures.

Traffic connection

Population within the following radiuses: 100 km/780,000; 300 km/8,000,000; 500 km/15,000,000

Additional benefits for investors


Traffic connection


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