Mayor’s foreword

Dear partners and investors!

Croatian accession to the European Union, a single market of more than 500 million people, has strongly brought forward the benefits of investing in Osijek – a Central European city that represents the educational, medical and administrative centre of the County and the region, a city that boasts excellent transport infrastructure, educated citizens and an ambitious, forthcoming local government.

The superiority of the geostrategic position of Osijek is largely determined by the fact that many regional centres and as many as four capital cities (Zagreb, Sarajevo, Belgrade and Budapest) are within a distance of 280 kilometres. Moreover, Osijek represents an important intersection of water, road, rail and air routes connecting Europe with Croatian ports on the Adriatic and with the Balkans, and leading further to the Middle East, Asia and the rest of the world.

Excellent transport infrastructure is one of the most important comparative advantages in relation to other cities in the broader Central European environment. The Port of Osijek on the River Drava is located very close to its confluence into the River Danube, the longest and water-richest river in the European Union, a river that connects 10 countries along its course from Germany to the Black Sea. The Pan-European Transport Corridor Vc highway in the west and the International Airport Osijek in the east are both linked to the city’s southern ring road. In addition, the city has good railway connections as well as good transportation and municipal services.

The future of every city relies onthe level of knowledge and education of its inhabitants. In this regard, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University, with more than 22,000 students studying at its 11 faculties, 5 departments and at the Academy of Arts, provides an excellent basis for the scientific, economic and overall development of the city as an important regional centre. The City Government cooperates with the University in a number of development projects aimed at making use of the benefits of full EU membership and EU funds.

Within the Croatian-Hungarian Renewable Energy Network Project - CHREN, the City works together with the University and other local and Hungarian partners on establishment of a Scientific Centre for Renewable Energy with a biogas plant in the Industrial Zone Nemetin. The plan is to distribute the energy generated at the power plant free of charge for heating and cooling of industrial plants, in order to facilitate business activities within the first Croatian green industrial zone.

This brochure presents some of the comparative advantages as well as basic information on specific incentives, benefits and tax reliefs guaranteeing justifiability of investment in this Zone of exceptional business prospects. Because City Government wishes to be a reliable partner for every single investor, I will personally invest my own efforts, time and authority of Mayor in the achievement of common interests of investors and the local community.

I wish you a warm welcome.
Ivan Vrkić, LLM Mayor

Mayor’s foreword


Ivan Vrkić, LLM - Mayor
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