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Incentives for investing in the Republic of Croatia

The Act on Investment Promotion and Development of Investment Climate (Official Gazette No. 111/12) regulates incentive measures for investments in economic activities in the territory of the Republic of Croatia. These measures pertain to investment projects and strengthening of competitive capabilities in production and processing, development and innovation, business support and services with high added value.

Incentives regulated by virtue of these measures pertain to investment projects that involve implementation of new equipment and state-of-the-art technology, introduce environmentally friendly activities and energy savings, increase the employment rate, provide employee training or develop products and services of great added value, thus increasing competitive advantages for entrepreneurs.
Through various incentive measures, entrepreneurs may achieve multiple benefits, including tax reliefs, incentives for eligible costs and State-funded grants.

Pursuant to the Act on the Areas of Special State Concern (Official Gazette Nos. 86/08, 57/11, 51/13, 148/13, 76/14, 147/14 and 18/15), the location of Industrial Zone Nemetin is part of a First Category Special State Concern Area, and consequently investors can get certain tax benefits based on this Act.


The Zone is primarily intended for medium-sized and large enterprises, to be used by them for production plants in the processing industry and for large-scale industrial plants that require larger surfaces areas and/or proximity of water purifier.

  • Area for production purposes

  • Area for business purposes

  • Infrastructural systems

  • Total area